Corona Solution
FR and Temperature Integrated Detector

During the current scenario of CORONA PANDEMIC, we have prepared some AI based solutions and IT hardware that support Government and Local Companies to fight against COVID-19. It adopts high-precison infrared non-contact temperature detector, can automatically detect body temperature, accurate and efficently. It can identify people without masks and gives real-time warning. It has auto register and record information facility to avoid manual operation. It has dual sensor with living detect and face recognition. It supports wall mounting, gate hanger mounting, and pole hanger mounting in various scenarios.
#Stay Home #Stay Safe

Product Features

  • Temperature measurement range: 30-45 (℃), Accuracy can reach ± 0.3
  • Real-time output of identify results and voice prompts
  • Auto identify people without masks and give real-time warning
  • Auto register and record information, avoid manual operation, improve efficiency and reduce missing information
  • Dual sensor with living detect, face recognition distance 0.3-3M
  • Face recognition within 500ms; Face library 22400 person; Total can storage 100,000 recognize record
  • Rich interface protocols, supporting SDK and HTTP protocols under multiple platforms such as Windows / Linux
  • Supports machine vision optical dynamics ≥80dB, suitable for backlight environment monitor
  • Supports fog, 3D noise reduction, strong light suppression, electronic image stabilization, and has multiple white balance modes
  • Linux operate system, more stable
  • Supports wall mounting, gate hanger mounting, and pole hanger mounting in various scenarios