VEGA 3000

The newly designed VEGA 3000 device gives you mobile capability for your business. VEGA 3000 offers options of Wi-Fi, UMTS, GPRS, CDMA, Bluetooth and USB communications and also accepts all payment types magnetic stripe, contact and contactless. VEGA 3000 is an ideal, secure, reliable device to mobilize your payments.



QP3000S is a contactless reader and is elegantly designed for your contactless needs. This easy to use device makes it very simple for POS and ECR integration and provides and economical and secure upgrade path for existing systems. An optional display stands enables both horizontal and upright countertop positioning of this high quality attractive device. QP3000S is EMV contactless certified and supports contactless payment applications.



The latest stylishly designed MP200 mobile device is ground breaking solution to all your payment needs anywhere, anytime. MP200 gives you flexible options of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Micro-USB and GPRS/3G connectivity. MP200 is the world’s most adaptable, secure and innovative device which offers organizations and businesses of all sizes a next generation mobile payment solution.



SATURN1000 is a next generation mobile device offers multifunctional capabilities and optimizes the checkout process for your business. It comes with several optional features including 4G LTE/3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microphone, front/rear camera, barcode reader, fingerprint reader, base, stylus. It is based on a secure android platform and has integrated contactless reader function with 5.5” full touchscreen. It is extremely easy, safe and secure for merchants looking for a next generation payment device.



MARS1000 is an Unattended Payment Terminal device that offers multifunctional capabilities for your unattended payment needs such as vending, ticketing, multimedia kiosks, public transportation laundromats and any other self service solutions. The MARS1000 is based on a secure Linux platform and has integrated pin pad, magnetic stripe, chip and contactless card reader functions. The MARS1000 is a perfect, durable and cost effective device for any unattended business needs.



The newly designed VEGA3000P device offers multifunctional capabilities for your business. VEGA 3000P offers options of Ethernet, RS232 and USB communications and also accepts all payment types – magnetic stripe, contact and contactless. It has an incredible 32-bit microprocessor and ensures secured transactions. V3000P is a perfect device to enhance your payment system.

LED Display

LED Display Board

The LED Display Board is dual colour two line LED display for displaying product/rate/scheme information to customers in an attractive manner. The LED Display Board manufactured by Cursor Soft are having inbuilt controller in each board and are completely independent. User can update the display and content through USB stick or through android app. The boards are having excellent visibility from all sides during day, twilight and night in all weathers. These boards are durable and vandal proof for installing indoor as well as outdoor premises.

Automatic Announcement

Automatic Announcement System

Cursor Soft has developed a AVS which is anautomated voice announcement systemaddressing to people seating inside bus waiting for their stop, to give them audible information about the upcoming stops and other valuable information.

This small system is a practical complementary system to our passengers for announcing the details of upcoming stoppage and also plays some beneficial messages as well as commercial advertisements. Passenger can easily know when their destination will come. When the bus arrives at particular distance from the stoppage, an acoustic diffuser, by an inside speaker, give a voice announcement about the name of next stoppage addressed to passengers waiting for their stoppage.

Smart card

Smart card laminators

Cursor Soft being business partners of Wuhan Wenlin Technology Co. Ltd presents you the Next Generation Automatic Laminators. Suitable for producing various types of smart cards, bank cards; billboards; various kinds of pearly-lustre panels, such as cloth panels, fabric panels, decorations, acrylic fabric board, PVC cloth panels, digital plates, leopard plates, floral plates, pure-colour plates.

The new generation Plastic Laminating Machine achieves much more functions with automatic transfer materials, time and labour saving, safe and standard production, enterprise maximize benefit etc. This laminator adopts the newest automatic transferring technology, which makes material transferring more easily and safely, also saves worker labour intensity efficiently. It is suitable for making all kinds of contactless, contact smart cards, bank cards and dual-interface cards; be widely used in laminating various kinds of digital plates or accessions plates, such as celluloids, pvcboards, furniture plates and absorbing materials, gold leaves,etc.

Automatic Card
Punching Machines

Automatic Card Punching Machines

Card Punching Machine adopts PLC industrial automation controlling, Omron servomotor and high precision ball screw as well as linear guide for accurate moving distance. Professional High sensitivity photoelectric recognition device reads the position marks for precise and reliable positioning. The mould is made by imported mould steel. The function of software is strong. For further details, please click on the folloing link.

OTP Display

OTP Display Card

Cursor Soft being business partner of SmartDisplayer Technology Co. Ltd have launched first time in India the OTP Display Card. It is just like any other debit/credit card where customer can generate OTP through card itself. It acts as a second factor of authentication and eliminates the GSM dependency to receive OTP. Also cheaper in price compared to SMS based OTP. Powered Smart Card with Security, Flexible, Ultra-Thin, Low Power and Time-based One-Time Password Card with 3 years’ battery life.