Public Transport Solutions

Automatic Fare Collection System (AFCS)

Cursor Soft developed an indigenous fare collection system for public transport systems, through this we can achieve affordable collection system dealing cash as well as cashless payments. It becomes easy for operators and maintains the transparency in the collection system. A tailor made software is finely integrated with central server and also with depot management system. The online solution results in perfect and easy to understand platform and indicates lives data which helps authority in monitoring and surveillance at affordable cost.

Automatic Vehicle Locating System (AVLS)

While working on several transportation projects, we came up with our own independent AVLS system which allows operations team to monitor vehicle movements in real time and synthesize AVL field data and deliver the same data on public information system devices installed at bus depots, terminals, customer portals, mobile applications and so. This solution comprises of GPS/GPRS based tracking device, communication system, AVLS application software, etc.

AVL systems are used to increase the accountability of field professional and boost the efficiency of a city transport system. Authority can get a real time snapshot of driver adherence to a route, provide citizen with estimated time of arrival and communicate with driver directly through control centre. Public safety agencies can also use these data to improve response time by being able to dispatch the closest vehicle for emergencies.

LED Route Display Board

Cursor Soft’s specially designed LED route display board can be used as a part of PIS for bus services. Customized design with independent controller and keypad facility. Having excellent visibility from all the angles throughout day and night. It displays upcoming routes and their ETA along with important message to travellers. This system could also be used by the authority to generate income through displaying advertisements.

Announcement System

Cursor Soft developed an automated voice announcement system addressing the commuters about the upcoming destinations and other relevant information. It’s a standalone system and has no interference with central server and can function on its own. Commuters don’t need to disturb driver every time asking about ETA and destinations. Authorities can generate revenue from this system by playing audio advertisements.